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About Us

What We're About

 Arizona Wordsmiths is a Writing, Editing, Grant-Writing company in Phoenix, AZ, that specializes in writing clear, concise materials for businesses in the area. When you are producing documents or articles for public consumption, you must make sure that you project the correct image to potential customers or clients. 

Regardless of your organization’s focus or objectives, you want to convey professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail.    

Our Writing Roots

  We consider ourselves to be “Accidental Writers” because we are not journalists by profession. Our collective college degrees are in Elementary Education, Special Education, Project Management, American History, Cultural Anthropology, and Humanities. We have, however, been the called upon throughout our careers to perform every conceivable writing task. Our work experience has included positions in private business, teaching, education administration, state and tribal governments, and museums. 

Professional Writing is not our first career, but it is -- by far -- our favorite!    

What Do You Need?

  1. We will write, edit, or proofread for you, in YOUR voice, conveying the information you want and/or need to convey.
  2. Give us an outline of basic information, and we will write documents for you. 
  3. Write your own documents, and we will make the message strong and grammatically correct.
  4. Do you need funding for a special project or small business? You will need us to write a GRANT for you. We are very good at this!

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